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VOA Interviews Researchers at AC Luncheon Celebrating Return of Cambodian Antiquities

August 22, 2022

Following the August 8 repatriation of the Statue of Ganesha and 29 other looted Cambodian antiquities, researchers now report that former looters aided in the return of these objects. 

Prak Thida and Prum Kanha, two researchers working with the Cambodian Ministry of Culture, were interviewed by Voice of America (VOA) during the Antiquities Coalition’s August 11 roundtable luncheon to discuss how looters helped the team recover the Ganesha by detailing where and how it was looted. 

Kanha says, “[Former looters] realized they shouldn’t have done that, so they dedicated their lives to helping find the sculptures.”

This historic return inspires hope that additional antiquities will be returned to their home countries, and that former looters will continue to come forward to aid in these returns.

The Ganesha was part of the “Ten Most Wanted Antiquities” list, illustrating some of the most significant looted, stolen, and missing artifacts from around the world. The Antiquities Coalition will release an updated guide featuring a new Cambodian antiquity to find and recover.

Watch the full interview here.