Interactive Timelines

Our timelines illustrate victories in the fight against cultural racketeering. With a scroll of the mouse, users can explore key legal and policy developments, including law enforcement successes, new legislation, and international agreements.



Patrimony Laws: A History of Preservation

This interactive timeline provides a detailed history of legal protections for cultural heritage in the Middle East and North Africa, highlighting how the region’s governments have long sought to safeguard their past for future generations, and where those protections stand today.

Note: This timeline does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice, nor is it a substitute for legal research. It is also a work in progress. It is important to note that in the region, ownership and export laws for cultural property predated those included thus far, for example in territory controlled by the Ottoman Empire. While most texts were pulled from the UNESCO Database, this reference includes both official and unofficial translations, so users should use care.

Closing U.S. Borders to the Illicit Antiquities Trade: Bilateral Agreements

This interactive timeline provides a detailed history of the United States’ cultural bilateral agreements and emergency actions, highlighting the lengthy processes that these nations go through to protect their heritage, and demonstrating how the agreements got to where they stand today.

New York’s 1%: Are They Supporting Crime and Terrorism?

This interactive timeline sheds light on the ongoing operations of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and their continued success in ending demand for illicit antiquities.