Who We Are

The Antiquities Coalition is leading the global campaign against cultural racketeering: the looting and trafficking of ancient art. This illicit industry is financing organized crime, armed conflict, and violent extremism around the world.  It is erasing our past—and threatening our future. The Antiquities Coalition partners with leaders from the public and private sectors, tackles plunder-for-profit head on. Through independent research and outside collaborations, we develop and implement innovative and practical solutions, empowering communities and even countries in crisis. Together, with your help, we can stop the traffic in blood antiquities, and save our shared history for future generations.

The Problem

What We’ve Lost

 In this last year, we have lost entire chapters of our shared history, and some of the Cradle of Civilization’s most iconic masterpieces and sites, to plunder and iconoclasm.

Umayyad Mosque
Aleppo, Syria

Mausoleum of Mohammad Bin Ali
Palmyra, Syria

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International Recognition

“Egypt is working alongside regional and international partners such as the Antiquities Coalition to stem the flow of stolen antiquities.”
Sameh Hassan Shoukry, Foreign Minister of Egypt
The Antiquities Coalition “provides a powerful example of what can be achieved through partnerships between governments and NGOs.”
Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General
“The [Antiquities] Coalition, since its inception in March 2011, has shown great support and exerted utmost efforts to raise awareness and combat the looting and illegal trade of Egyptian antiquities and artifacts.”
Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, former Minister of Antiquities
“The Antiquities Coalition, UNESCO, and other organizations have already sounded the alarm, and the U.S. should leverage their insights, networks, and activism to stem the flow of funds to ISIS from this trade.”
Juan Zarate, Foundation for Defense of Democracies

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