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Think Tank Makes Recommendations for Protecting Culture Under Threat from Globalization and Environmental Destruction

March 9, 2022

New Antiquities Coalition Policy Brief Examines a Potential Legal Remedy to Help Victims Seek Justice

In the newly released Antiquities Coalition Think Tank publication, Haydee Dijkstal, United Kingdom Barrister and experienced United States attorney working in the area of international criminal law, addresses the fact that the crimes within the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction only provide a remedy for actions against cultural heritage perpetrated during conflict or war.

However, the destruction of cultural heritage is often caused by activities associated with globalization, which are outside of the context of an armed conflict recognized under international law. Through numerous examples, Dijkstal highlights the importance of accountability for the destruction of cultural heritage outside an armed conflict, and the way in which the crime against humanity of deportation may provide the necessary avenue for victims.

Dijkstal recommends that “in cases where industrial projects or natural resource extraction causes harm or destruction to land integral to the culture of those living on it and, in turn, forces these communities from the land, the crime against humanity of deportation or forcible transfer could be explored as a potential avenue for accountability.”

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