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The Angkorian World: Major Volume about Southeast Asia’s Largest Ancient State Features Scholarship by AC’s Tess Davis

April 28, 2023

Angkor–the most powerful ancient state in Southeast Asia–persisted for more than six centuries and remains central to its Cambodian descendants. Its wealth of archaeology, culture, and economic history serves as a vital resource for individuals studying Asia.

On April 28, a new publication about Angkor will be published by editors Mitch Hendrickson, Miriam T. Stark, and Damian Evans. The Angkorian World dives into the historical and environmental contexts of Angkor, the anthropogenic landscapes of Angkor, Angkorian ideologies and realities, and political and aesthetic Angkorian legacies that explain why this great empire is valued by Cambodians today.

Tess Davis, Executive Director of the Antiquities Coalition, joined researcher Eileen Lustig to author a chapter about Angkorian law and land. Their insights will assist students, researchers, academics, and others seeking to understand how the Angkorian Empire arose and functioned in the premodern world.

Learn more about the publication and secure your copy here.