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Abir Chorfa

Program Director

Abir Chorfa is a project manager and public relations specialist, who currently serves as Program Manager for the Antiquities Coalition projects in her native country of Algeria. In her work with the Antiquities Coalition, Abir has overseen the development and implementation of multiple solutions in service of safeguarding heritage and furthering international cooperation and diplomatic efforts. Most notable among these is Turathi, a web-based tool developed for use by law enforcement and customs officers, as well as international partners, in identifying vulnerable cultural goods at high risk for looting and trafficking. The general public can also access the database to learn more about heritage materials originating in Algeria and the importance of protecting heritage for future generations.

Through her work on the Antiquities Coalition and other projects, Abir has collaborated with the U.S. Embassy in Algiers, the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Algeria, the Global Heritage Fund, and other international organizations in countering illicit trafficking and sustainable development within the heritage sector. Additionally, she has delivered trainings on cultural heritage protection, combatting trafficking, and digitization for various audiences in Arabic, English, and French, and previously taught courses in communications and entrepreneurship.

Her trans-disciplinary educational background includes two degrees from the University of Mostaganem, a Bachelor’s in Quality Control and Master’s in Biotechnology, and she is currently completing her law degree at the University of Algiers. Abir speaks French, Arabic, and English.

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