2015 Cairo Conference Press Release

Introducing the Antiquities Coalition’s New Video Series, “Culture Under Threat: Terrorism and Profiteering”

The Antiquities Coalition is launching our first video series! Titled, “Culture Under Threat: Terrorism and Profiteering,” it features international experts offering solutions to and analysis of the looting crisis, illicit antiquities trade, and its connection to terrorism. The series is premiering today on the Antiquities Coalition’s website at theantiquitiescoalition.org. The Antiquities Coalition’s recent Cairo Conference brought together an unprecedented group to tackle cultural racketeering and [...]

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2015 Cairo Conference: Cultural Property Under Threat

TEN MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICAN COUNTRIES ANNOUNCE CAIRO DECLARATION, TAKE STEPS TO PREVENT THE WAR CRIME OF LOOTING AND THE DESTRUCTION OF HERITAGE As the Islamic State continued its march of destruction across Iraq and Syria, ten Ministers from Middle East and Northern Africa countries joined together at the Cairo Conference on May 13-14 to announce an action plan [...]

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