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We must act now or there won’t be a past left to protect. Luckily, for a fraction of the auction price of a single antiquity, we have a chance to save much of what remains of our entire civilization. But we can’t do it without you.

How You Can Help

Shop with Amazon Smile

Did you know that you could help protect heritage just by shopping on Amazon? That’s right – shopping! You can help be a part of the solution to #CultureUnderThreat simply by shopping at AmazonSmile.


Your gift directly supports our solutions-driven programs to protect cultural heritage. Although much has been irrevocably lost, much still remains to be saved. Join us in being a part of the solution.

Travel and Purchase Responsibly

Use our handy infographic checklist to help even novice travelers steer clear of stolen relics.  Join us in the fight against antiquities trafficking and do your part to #CombatLooting.

Join the discussion!

Find the Antiquities Coalition on social media and help raise awareness, use #CombatLooting and share some of the most pressing issues threatening our history today.

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