Culture Under Threat Video Series: Cairo Conference

Terrorism and Profiteering

Iraq’s minister of tourism and antiquities, Adel Fahad Shershab, reminds the world that old-school legal steps will not stop armed groups from controlling land, oil and antiquities.

Counterterrorism Solutions for Cultural Racketeering

Executive Director of the Terror Asymmetrics Research Project (TAPSTRI), Malcolm Nance, discusses terror groups and their use of cultural racketeering as a means of funding.

Law Enforcement Solutions for Cultural Racketeering

Masood Karimipour, the regional representative of the Middle East for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), discusses how law enforcement and political will can be used to combat cultural racketeering.

Combating Black Market Trafficking Tactics

Colonel Matthew Bogdanos serves as the Assistant District Attorney of Manhattan, New York and has led the charge against illegal antiquities dealers and smugglers making their way through New York’s Ports.

Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities on International Cooperation to Combat Looting

Mamdouh el Damaty, Minister of Antiquities of the Arab Republic of Egypt addresses the issues of cultural racketeering and cultural cleansing in interviews at the Culture Under Threat Conference in Cairo, Egypt May 13, 2015. Minister el Damaty discusses the need for international cooperation and greater regulations to combat the looting of antiquities.

UNESCO Director General Address at Culture Under Threat Conference in Cairo

Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General gives an opening address at the Culture Under Threat Conference in Cairo, Egypt May 13, 2015 where she discusses the need to #Unite4Heritage against the threats of cultural racketeering and cultural cleansing by terrorist groups.

Collaborative Solutions

Metchlid Rossler, UNESCO Deputy Director at the Division for World Heritage Centre, discusses the need for collaboration in the fight to #CombatLooting. Rossler touches up the Roles of Intergovernmental Actors, Civil Society, and NGOs in her interview on collaborative solutions.

Protecting Libyan Cultural Heritage

H.E. Habib Muhammed al-Amin, former Minister of Culture and Civil Society in Libya, speaks to the delegates from ten different Middle Eastern and North African countries on the imperative to save and protect Libyan cultural heritage.

H.E. Habib Muhammed al-Amin Full Speech

The full speech by the former Libyan Minister of Culture and Civil Society at the Cairo Conference.