United Nations

United Nations February 28, 2017 Submitted by Peter Herdrich "Promoting and Strengthening the International Legal Framework for the Protection of Cultural Heritage convention" United Nations, February 28, New York City. The principal effort by the United Nations to rationalize and strengthen national legal systems for the protection of cultural [...]

“Three Stones Make a Wall: The Story of Archaeology,” by Dr. Eric H. Cline

Cline, in his new book, Three Stones Make a Wall: The Story of Archaeology, explores the history of an area of study made famous by the Indiana Jones franchise. But a western fascination in archaeology began long before the days of Indiana Jones, when a romanticized period of excavation and [...]

2017 National Cultural Heritage Moot Court Competition

2017 National Cultural Heritage Moot Court Competition February 24, 2017 Winners of 2017 Moot Court competition: Daniel Pickolick and Kyle Owen from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law. Photo Credit: DePaul University College of Law The Antiquities Coalition congratulates the champions of the 2017 National [...]

Global Ties U.S. National Meeting “Unity in Community” Includes Focus on Heritage Protection

When global leaders from the public and private sectors collaborate with their American counterparts through international exchange, their coordination can become a critical tool in addressing some of the greatest challenges faced by the international community.  Global Ties U.S., a nonprofit partner of the U.S. Department of State, is working [...]

Policy Brief No. 2: How Can We Fund the Fight Against Antiquities Looting and Trafficking? A “Pollution” Tax on the Antiquities Trade

The Antiquities Coalition Cultural Heritage Think Tank has published its second policy brief to address solutions to cultural racketeering. The latest release is by Dr. Lawrence Rothfield, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago. In the paper, Rothfield argues for levying a "pollution" tax on the legitimate antiquities [...]

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