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Antiquities Coalition Mentioned in ArtNet News Weekly “Movers & Shakers”

November 11, 2021

The AC was mentioned in this week’s Art Industry News round-up as part of the “Movers and Shakers” list. 

The article stated: 

“Experts Urge G20 to Tackle Illicit Antiquities Trade – An international coalition of experts has released a new report detailing nine steps the G20 should take in order to crack down on the trade of illicit antiquities. The recommendations for strengthening global policy include creating a roadmap to tackle the problem on a national and international level and identifying and strengthening weak links. (Press release)”

This report was released as the G20 began its annual Summit in Rome, where for the first time, heads of state and government gathered to close loopholes in the $50 billion international art market—still the largest unregulated market in the world.

The report seeks to support the G20 in this important work. It highlights risks posed by the illicit trade through a case study illustrating how armed groups plundered ancient sites in Syria and then laundered cultural objects into unsuspecting global marketplaces. More importantly, based on lessons learned from Syria’s tragedy and others, it calls for new policies, priorities, and practices to be considered by the G20, its Member States, and the private sector as they work together to support the communities victimized by this transnational crime.

Read the report here.