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AC’s Chairman and Founder Appointed to the Advisory Board for the World Archaeology Summit

October 2, 2023

The Royal Commission for AlUla has named Deborah Lehr, the Chairman and Founder of the Antiquities Coalition, to the founding Advisory Board for the World Archaeology Summit. Lehr launched the Antiquities Coalition in 2014 to partner with governments, NGOs and other like minded organizations across the world to fight against antiquities trafficking and its use by bad actors to fund terrorism and organized crime. 

The World Archaeology Summit, launched in 2023, features an interdisciplinary program and diverse participants, bringing together top minds to advance archaeology and cultural heritage management, among others. By creating this environment, the summit aims to facilitate collaboration and innovation, as well as explore how these different sectors can support and enhance one another to address challenges and develop opportunities. 

During the inaugural summit, Lehr joined global experts on a panel entitled “Cross-Pollination: How Can Archaeology Support Interdisciplinary Innovation.” Speakers discussed strategies for non-archaeologists to help support the science of archaeology and address problems in the field, such as the looting and trafficking of ancient art and artifacts. AC Advisor Ambassador Yasser Elnagger and legal consultant Liz Fraccaro also participated as speakers. 

The Antiquities Coalition commends the Royal Commission for AlUla for hosting the World Archaeology Summit and for efforts to bring together archaeologists and other experts to develop heritage-based solutions to contemporary problems.