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AC and ManchesterCF Partner on Financial Crimes Training Course

September 27, 2022

Online Course Details How Art and Antiquities are intertwined with Financial Crimes

For too long, bad actors have used art and antiquities to fund their crimes and damage the legitimate art market. To assist global experts in deepening their knowledge of the role cultural heritage plays in financial crimes, the Antiquities Coalition has partnered with ManchesterCF to offer a new online course on the subject. 

Based in Toronto, ManchesterCF develops financial intelligence training programs with a global perspective. They provide online financial intelligence training programs to financial institutions, public-sector agencies and multinational corporations. Their expertise is derived from solid experience in international banking, financial intelligence and compliance.

ManchesterCF has a proven track record of working with financial intelligence and business professionals in both the public and private sectors to successfully implement courses that not only meet but exceed regulatory expectations. They have partnered with the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, AML Intelligence, and United for Wildlife, among others. The AC is proud to join these ranks to offer the FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit) Connect training program on Art & Antiquities. 

The FIU Connect (Art & Antiquities) training program provides insights on:

  • How terrorists commercialize looted antiquities
  • Different cultural heritage laws in the Middle East
  • A risk-based approach to help art market operators to assess and understand their exposure to money laundering

The course is part of ManchesterCF’s online training solution for international banks and national financial intelligence units. Individuals can create a unique login and password to access various courses and deepen their knowledge of anti-money laundering compliance.

This partnership with ManchesterCF reinforces the Antiquities Coalition’s priorities to raise awareness and develop solutions to combat looting. Read more about the course here.

Watch an Overview of the Course