Letter from the Chairman

On behalf of our entire team—and the communities and countries we work to support—we sincerely thank you for joining the Antiquities Coalition in our mission to safeguard the world’s heritage from cultural racketeering. 

Today, no culture with a past worth protecting is safe from tomb raiders and art smugglers. This illicit trade is a threat not just to our shared history, but to human rights, national economies, and global security. But while the problem is immense, so, too, are the possible solutions. 

We are proud to lead a global campaign against cultural racketeering. We champion better law and policy, foster diplomatic cooperation, and advance other proven solutions in partnership with governments, market leaders, and local communities. With your help, we will realize a future in which the past is preserved for the next generation—not looted, smuggled, and sold to finance crime, conflict, and terror. 

We thank you again and invite you to browse our website to learn more about our work.


Deborah Lehr

Chairman and Cofounder
Antiquities Coalition

Our Chairman, Deborah Lehr, was the recipient of the 2017 Hadrian Award.

Watch her interview on the Antiquities Coalition.