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Webinar Registration: How Can Culture Be Part of the Post-COVID Economic Recovery?

May 20, 2020

How Can Culture Be Part of the Post-COVID Economic Recovery?

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is more than just a health crisis. It is exacting a human and financial toll unprecedented in our lifetimes.

The arts and culture have not been spared. In the United States alone, the industry has already lost an estimated $5 billion, increasing $33 million each day. But, as governments consider how to rebuild their economies in the wake of COVID-19, it is critical they view this sector not as an economic drain, but as the engine it is.

Museums alone contribute $50 billion towards the U.S. economy and $12 billion in tax revenue each year, while all arts and culture add over $875 billion, around 4.5% of GDP. But this value goes far beyond dollars: in a post-COVID landscape—with the world starved for human contact, education, and entertainment—cultural heritage will be needed more than ever.

We have a unique opportunity to change the status quo. How can culture be part of the post-COVID financial recovery? How can the sector contribute to the rebuilding of local neighborhoods and the global economy, in a responsible and sustainable way, while surviving itself in these uncertain times? How can it bring the world together during the pandemic—where physical distance is a matter of life and death—and its aftermath?

Join us for a stimulating discussion and the presentation of big ideas from leaders in government, business, museums, and preservation.

Moderated by Deborah Lehr, Founder and Chair of the Antiquities Coalition.


Bonnie Burnham
Founder and President, Cultural Heritage Finance Alliance

Dr. Richard Kurin
Distinguished Scholar and Ambassador-at-Large, Smithsonian Institution

Donovan Rypkema
President, Heritage Strategies International

Webinar: How Can Culture Be Part of the Post-COVID Economic Recovery?

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