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The Antiquities Coalition Releases Story Map Documenting Its First Five Years

April 14, 2021

New Story Map Details the Organization’s Work to Date and Why It Is Needed More Than Ever

As long as there have been tombs, there have been tomb raiders. Yet in the modern world, this plunder is taking place on a scale never before seen in history. Criminals, armed insurgents, and even violent extremists like ISIS are stealing entire chapters of our shared history to feed a growing demand for ancient art.

We created the Antiquities Coalition to fight back.

To protect our shared heritage and global security, the Antiquities Coalition is leading the global campaign against cultural racketeering, the illicit trade in ancient art and artifacts. We champion better law and policy, foster diplomatic cooperation, and advance proven solutions with governments, law enforcement, and the legitimate market. We are working towards a future when the past is preserved for the next generation, not looted, smuggled, and sold to finance crime, conflict, and terror.

In 2020, we marked our fifth anniversary as a tax-exempt, charitable organization. These last five years have been a time of great challenges for culture, but also one of great opportunities. 

With this interactive Story Map, we document our organization’s first five years, chronicling our story, our action-based solutions, and, most importantly, our results. Scroll through to trace our impact from our beginnings in 2014 to our recent initiatives, and view some of our signature infographics, videos, and reports.

Use this resource to learn more about our team, our values, our mission, and our work to date—and why it is needed more than ever. To explore the full Story Map, click here.