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The Amman #CultureUnderThreat Video Series

November 9, 2016

Katie A. Paul

The Antiquities Coalition is proud to continue bringing you insights from global leaders in the fight against cultural racketeering with the launch of its Amman installation of the #CultureUnderThreat video series. The series is premiering on our website and YouTube channel.  A new episode will be released each week, featuring comments and analysis from top policymakers and experts.

This video series was filmed during the second annual #CultureUnderThreat Regional Conference on September 8, 2016 hosted by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Antiquities Coalition and Middle East Institute. It highlights the perspectives of government leaders and heritage experts on how to combat looting and protect culture under threat during the current period of crisis faced by many countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

As part of our continuing #CultureUnderThreat campaign, this Ministerial summit brought together ministers from 17 Arab League nations, hosted by Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister Nasser Judeh. These regional leaders coordinated actions to fight against the security, economic, and cultural crisis now facing the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

This conference built upon the first #CultureUnderThreat Conference held in Cairo in May 2015, to explore applicable solutions by bringing together ministers of foreign affairs and antiquities from the Arab League as well as a cross-disciplinary group of international experts.

This diverse group of diplomats and experts provides an opportunity for inside perspectives on some of the most pressing issues to protect cultural heritage during a time of crisis. To help raise awareness and provide insights directly from these leaders and experts we are launching this Amman #CultureUnderThreat video series.

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