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Quality: Our region stands at a crossroads

September 9, 2016

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Quality: Our region stands at a crossroads

Amman- Deputy Prime Minster and Foreign Minister and the affairs of expatriates Nasser Judeh , Jordan ‘s full commitment to continue to make the effort to protect the heritage and at all levels in cooperation with all stakeholders in the international community. 

This came during the opening of the Second Ministerial Regional Conference titled «heritage under threat», which kicked off yesterday, in the presence of HRH Princess Sumaya girl Hassan , Vice chairman of the board of Trustees of the Jordan Museum. 

the quality of the conference, organized by the ministry in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in partnership with the alliance of Archaeology and the Institute of the Middle East and the Arab Fund for economic and social Development ( AFESD ) «our region stands today at a crossroads Saab, a result of what we see as the challenges and serious threats to the cultural heritage and cultural and heritage by hackers, criminal gangs and terrorist, and the dark forces that are trying to sow theseeds of discord and hatred in our region, and the world ». 

He stressed that the effects states are part of world heritage, and what makes it the responsibility of protect collective and to ensure preservation for future generations, and that the challenges of this area requires concerted regional and international efforts in the face of the theft of heritage and tinker with and destroy it , which leads to erase history , which has become part of the propaganda used by terrorist organizations that have no religion.

He pointed out the quality that the Kingdom under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II played a major role in maintaining the heritage and cultural heritage, as the role of guardianship Hashemite the historic city of Jerusalem in preserving the heritage of the Arab city and the Awqaf and Islamic and Christian holy places. 

He explained that Jordan ‘s role is important as a non – permanent Security Council in advancing towards the adoption of Security Council resolution 2199 , which condemns the destruction and theft of cultural heritage, and adopt resolute measures to combat theft , illegal archaeological and cultural objects from Iraq and Syria, and call upon all States to reaffirm their commitment to the application of the Security Council and related decision. 

He added that Jordan contributed to the development the issue of «destruction, smuggling and theft of cultural heritage» on the Security Council agenda, and through the meeting that Jordan was organized jointly with France in the Security Council in April of last year, and is the first of its kind. 

He pointed out that Jordan continued his interest in this issue, and he has shown during the negotiation process that preceded the adoption of resolution 2253 (2015) on the financing of terrorist organizations and the threat to international peace and security, and support for paragraphs relevant in the decision, which came to confirm the provisions of resolution 2199, noting that Jordan did not stop making efforts within the corridors of the Security Council and by, but extended to a broader framework covering Assembly the university and members of the United Nations. 

he said the quality of the Amman conference comes as a continuation of the output of Cairo last year ‘s conference, it aims to build on what has been agreed upon through the launch of the joint coordination mechanisms agreed upon and represented by a team of Arab action on combating the looting of heritage, and translate the ideas and principles agreed upon a plan of action to enhance cooperation between the countries of the region and upgrade the joint coordination through the establishment ofmechanisms for information exchange, capacity building and educate local law enforcement authorities, and to launch public awareness campaigns and create jobs pioneer in the vicinity of the archaeological sites, and the holding of collective agreements between the source countries and the demand in order to reduce illicit trafficking and smuggling of antiquities. 

He expressed his aspirations as stated in the Amman declaration in 2016 about «heritage protection under threat» to stop the outlaws and stop the aggressors on the human heritage of the purchase of the effects that robbed and looted from the blood of innocent people and the conservatives them, hoping the conference comes out with recommendations constitute the starting point for efforts characterized by continuity and aims to perpetuate the human heritage care in our region and the world point. in 

turn , stressed the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Lena jujube, «interest, commitment and support Jordan ‘s efforts and how all that will protect human heritage from looting and destruction». 

she said «the the growing problem of looting and destruction of the heritage and the illicit trade in antiquities has become increasing dramatically over the past years, despite the presence of a lot of discipline and legislation taken by States to reduce this phenomenon (disturbing) , according to the described », calling for action to change directions and disseminate awareness of thought the importance of these capabilities at all levels of intellectual levels, to eliminate this phenomenon , as it called. 

Turning jujube in her speech, to Jordan ‘s experience in various estimators cultural protection through the enactment of national laws and regulations and international cooperation and legislation, noting that the first law of Antiquities in Jordan , issued in 1934 , noting that during the last five years has increased the volume of cases reaching 228 issue. She 

also called for further strengthening of the existing legislation and mechanisms to protect cultural holdings of danger through the activation of legislation between the Member States of the UNESCO Convention and access to consolidated legislation to protect property cultural, and increased control to curb theft. 

and demanded the creation of a unified database of pieces of seized and provide the UNESCO international police with a copy by the rules, and work on constantly updated, in addition to the deployment of the awareness of thought between all individuals and at all levels by holding workshops, conferences, seminars and lectures specialized protection of cultural heritage as well as the promotion of workers in the circles art effects and religious institutions and personnel at airports and border crossings capacity. 

for its part , praised the president of Alliance for the effects of Debra smuggled, the Jordanian efforts in the organization of this important and meaningful event to raise awareness in the field of heritage protection and property, pointing out that the protection of culture the protection of rights and the protection of ways his life and increase community links. 

for its part pointed head of the Middle East Institute and Wendy Tchamppleran to the big conference attendees shows the commitment of everyone in the field of heritage protection, culture and property , particularly in the Middle East. 

as delegate of the Arab Republic of Egypt Dr. Mahmoud Afifi about Cairo international Conference entitled «cultural property defied the threat», and highlighted the recommendations of the conference. 

He said Afifi said the Cairo recommendations included the establishment of an international advisory committee to provide advice and support to the working Group on ways of combating cultural looting, and the launch of an awareness campaign of countries in which the demand for property purchase cultural looted to limit it, in addition to looking at the possibility of starting negotiations to prepare a «memorandum of cultural understanding regional», aimed at prohibiting dealing with cultural objects looted in collaboration with international partners. 

He pointed out that the recommendations of the Cairo confirmed raise awareness of efforts to protect cultural property against drilling campaigns and illegal excavation, or smuggled or traded, with tougher penalties for practitioners, as well as discuss the establishment of an independent agency to combat operations «effects laundering» by offering fraudulent certificates in cooperation with the competent international agencies to help track and stop trafficking, and the conclusion of a cooperation agreement ajoint venture between Egypt and Jordan in the field of archeology and cultural property. 

it includes the conference and a ministerial meeting will be attended by ministers to exchange views on the challenges facing cultural heritage in the region, and the steps taken by governments to confront them, with a focus on developments since the Cairo declaration in 2015 that, and highlight areas coordination and opportunities for additional support. It 

also includes a meeting of the working Group Conference on the two sessions, the first centered on the exchange of information, capacity building, strengthening the rule of law, while dealing with the recent bilateral / regional cultural heritage agreements, and strengthen cooperation in the traditional art market, and campaigns of local and international outreach, as well as the final declaration of the conference. 

at the end of the conference, launched Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Lena jujube (Oman 2016 Declaration on the Protection of Heritage). 

she jujube the participating countries agreed that crimes against heritage are crimes against humanity and civilization, as these countries undertake to work together to stop illegal trade in traditional sources. 

she added that the announcement includes the construction of Oman to enhance information exchange mechanisms, including those relating to best practices and sources of financial assistance and the possibility of establishing a verification regime for the source country of Antiquities sold abroad. (Petra)

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