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Protecting the Past 2 – Podcasts

October 30, 2016

Protecting the Past 2 – Podcasts

The podcasts from the second Protecting the Past conference are now online and available via the University of Oxford’s MediaPub service. Please refer to the links below to access the individual files (in English, Arabic and Kurdish).

protecting-past-2-towards-better-future-cultural-heritageProtecting the Past in Iraq: Challenges and Needs (30 October)

  • Dr Robert Bewley (EAMENA, University of Oxford) – Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa (English) (Kurdish)
  • Dr Abdelamir al-Hamdani (State Board of Antiquities and Heritage, Iraq) – Digitizing the Past: A New Atlas and Database of the Archaeological Sites in Iraq (English) (Arabic) (Kurdish)

Iraq in the MENA Region: New Approaches and Initiatives – Part 1 (30 October)

  • Prof. Graham Philip (SHIRIN, Durham University) – The Shirin Project: the development of tools to support collective action in heritage protection and damage mitigation (English) (Arabic) (Kurdish)
  • Ms Allison Cuneo (ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives) – Monitoring, Protecting, and Preserving Cultural Heritage: Recent Results of the ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives (English) (Arabic) (Kurdish)
  • Dr Kozad Ahmad (University of Sulaimani) – The Types of Danger to the Cultural Heritage of the Middle East (English) (Arabic) (Kurdish)
  • Dr Abdullah Khorsheed (IICAH) – Archaeological Conservation Programs at the Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and heritage (English) (Kurdish)
  • Dr Katie A. Paul (Antiquities Coalition) – Culture Under Threat: Developing and Implementing Solutions to Cultural Racketeering and Terrorist Financing  (English) (Arabic)

Iraq in the MENA Region: New Approaches and Initiatives – Part 2 (31 October)

  • Dr John MacGinnis (British Museum) – The British Museum’s Iraq Emergency Heritage Management Training Scheme (English) (Kurdish)
  • Prof. Roger Matthews (RASHID, Reading University) – RASHID International: Formulating a Future for Iraq’s Past (English) (Kurdish)
  • Dr Bijan Rouhani (AMAL Project, ICOMOS) – AMAL in Heritage: A cultural emergency management tool for MENA region (English) (Arabic)

Cultural Heritage and Capacity Building in Conflict Zones (31 October)

  • Ms Layla Salih (State Board of Antiquities and Heritage) – The Destroyed Heritage of Mosul – Reality and Challenges (English) (Arabic) (Kurdish)
  • Dr Tobin Hartnell (CACHE, AUIS) – Capacity Building for Cultural Heritage in the KRG (English) (Arabic) (Kurdish)

Protecting the Past in the Face of Development: Defining Goals and Expectations (31 October)

  • Dr Ricardo Cabral (Kani Shaie Archaeology Project, Universidade de Coimbra) – Using Digital Technologies to Document the Endangered Archaeological Heritage of the Bazyan Basin in Slemani (English)
  • Dr Emma Cunliffe (EAMENA, Durham University)- Site Destruction in the Iraqi Jazirah: a satellite imagery assessment (English)
  • Dr Narmeen Ali Muhammadameen (Salahaddin University) – The Citadel of Kirkuk: Reconnaissance and Assessment of Its Archaeological Heritage (English) (Arabic) (Kurdish)

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