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Latest AC Story Map Seeks Some of the World’s Most Significant Looted or Stolen Artifacts

October 29, 2020

Countless antiquities have been looted or stolen over the course of history. More disappear into the black market every day. And each and every one represents an incalculable loss to our shared cultural heritage.

We at the Antiquities Coalition have chronicled some of the most infamous cases of cultural artifacts that have vanished without a trace in our October 29 story map release, Top Ten Most Wanted Antiquities: Significant Artifacts From Around the World That Have Been Looted or Stolen—and Are Still Missing.

For some of these masterpieces, it has been less than 15 years since their disappearance—and for others, more than 150—but, with your help, we hope to one day return all of them to their rightful homes.

For more information about AC’s Top Ten Most Wanted Antiquities, click here.