On September 24, 2015 the Antiquities Coalition in cooperation with the Asia Society, Middle East Institute, and UNESCO hosted the #CultureUnderThreat Forum at the Asia Society headquarters in New York. The forum titled: “Culture Under Threat: The Security, Economic, and Cultural Impact of Antiquities Trafficking and Terrorist Financing,” brought together Foreign Ministers from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Australia and other senior government officials from around the world along with leaders of arts institutions, archaeological associations, and experts in terrorism. The forum was held to address solutions to combatting the looting and trafficking of antiquities, and halt a major source of funding for terrorism.

The coordinated appeal from government leaders and experts resulted in the issuing of a Call to Action to combat looting and protect culture under threat. The forum builds on the May 2015 Cairo Declaration, signed by Ministers from ten Middle East and North African countries, that outlined a regional strategy to combat the trafficking of looted antiquities and its links to terrorist financing.

Watch the #CultureUnderThreat Video Series

The Antiquities Coalition is launching its second videos series on the 2015 New York Forum, #CultureUnderThreat. This series features international experts offering solutions to and analysis of cultural racketeering and the connections to terrorist financing. The interviews were conducted during the New York Forum on September 24, 2015 in New York City.

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Our Media on the 2015 New York Forum

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A Global Antiquities Market: Ricardo Elia’s Interview with the Antiquities Coalition

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Economic Development and Site Preservation: Lawrence Coben’s Interview with the Antiquities Coalition

Lawrence S. Coben is the Executive Director of Sustainable Preservation Initiative. In this interview conducted during the September 24 New York Forum, Coben stresses how essential economic development is as a means to combat [...]

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The Responsibilities of Museums and the Market: Karol Wight’s Interview with the Antiquities Coalition

Karol Wight is the President and Executive Director of the Corning Museum of Glass as well as Curator of Ancient and Islamic Glass. In this video during the New York Forum on September 24, [...]

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