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DLME Instagram showcases “fascinating objects from various partner institutions,” AC and DLME intern Michael Krasuski writes

December 8, 2020

My name is Michael Krasuski, and I am a senior history major at Davidson College. I am graduating this December on the prelaw track, and I am interested in nonprofit law. I interned for the fall 2020 semester at the Antiquities Coalition and the Digital Library of the Middle East. I worked on two main projects as an intern: The Yemen Cultural Heritage Preservation Interest Group (Contact Peter Herdrich at for more information on this) and the DLME Instagram Page, which is the topic of today’s post.

Peter and I started an Instagram account for the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) and AC’s newest collaboration, the Digital Library of the Middle East (DLME). The DLME federates various cultural heritage collections focused on the Middle East and North Africa, creating a publicly accessible digital library of cultural material. It also helps MENA organizations with digitization, inventory, and documentation projects, especially in conflict areas.

This Instagram page is a medium for displaying artifacts from the DLME’s vast database. Its purpose is to showcase fascinating objects from various partner institutions. The objects come from many different time periods and are diverse in type and style. With each post, a description is included that gives background on the year the object was created, the historical era it’s from, and the collection in which it is displayed. To foster further engagement with the collections beyond our immediate network, we try to @ our partners when we post about them.

As an example, one interesting artifact we highlighted recently was a painting of a youth in a pink turban by artist Mu’in Mussavir created in Isfahan, Iran in 1660. It is currently in the Harvard Fine Arts Library collection (@harvardfineartslibrary). Go to to browse our collection and follow our Instagram (@dlmenetwork) for more cultural content like this.

Quick Note: If you are interested in interning for either the Antiquities Coalition or the Digital Library of the Middle East, contact AC Co-founder Peter Herdrich (our DLME contact) at or Helena Arose at