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The Antiquities Coalition Cultural Heritage Think Tank promotes innovative solutions to combat cultural racketeering.

Think Tank

The Antiquities Coalition Cultural Heritage Think Tank was launched to explore innovative solutions to pressing challenges in cultural heritage. The Think Tank’s series of policy briefs are written by distinguished specialists from the public and private sectors.

Cultural racketeering is one of the greatest threats now facing our world heritage. However, its consequences go far beyond preservation, to impact economics, foreign policy, and national security. Experts warn it has become a multi-billion dollar illegal industry that funds armed conflict and violent extremist organizations around the globe. But when compared to similar transnational crimes—from arms running, to drug smuggling, or even the illicit wildlife trade—there is still much we do not know. As the looting and smuggling of ancient treasures increases, especially across the Middle East and North Africa, the demand for strong scholarship is greater than ever.

The Antiquities Coalition’s think tank will meet this need by bringing high-quality, innovative, and results-oriented research to the world’s policymakers. It aims to strengthen public understanding of the threats facing our shared heritage, and more importantly, develop better solutions to protect it. To achieve this goal, the think tank is drawing from a wide range of international experts as authors, from the fields of preservation, business, law, security, and technology.

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