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Antiquities Coalition Launches “Ten Most Wanted Antiquities” List

October 29, 2020

Campaign to Engage the Public in the Search for Missing Artifacts

WASHINGTON, October 29, 2020 — Today the Antiquities Coalition is releasing the Ten Most Wanted Antiquities list of significant artifacts from around the world that have been looted or stolen—and are still missing. Its intent is to highlight the global crime of cultural racketeering and enlist the public in the hunt for these missing treasures. 

The list is accompanied by posters of each object, published on the Antiquities Coalition’s website, which provide snapshots of the pieces’ significance, their theft, and their last known whereabouts. Any information leading to their possible recovery should be submitted to law enforcement using the tip lines below.

“Today, we’re shining a spotlight on these missing artifacts in the hopes that someone using this reference can help return them to their rightful owners,” said Deborah Lehr, chairman and founder of the Antiquities Coalition. “Sadly, these are just ten examples of a crime that continues to take place both around the clock and around the globe.”

The initial Ten Most Wanted Antiquities list—also detailed in our fourth Story Map release and our latest promotional video—features the following artifacts:

  • Kolomoki Mound Artifacts, United States of America
  • Statue of Ganesha, Cambodia
  • Peking Man, China
  • Old Summer Palace Zodiac Heads, China
  • Statue of Nefertiti Making Offerings, Egypt
  • Kwer’ata Re’esu Icon, Ethiopia
  • Río Azul Mask, Guatemala
  • Statue of Varaha, Vishnu’s Avatar, India
  • Lion Attacking a Nubian, Iraq
  • Alabaster Stone Inscription from Awam Temple, Yemen

While many of these objects disappeared years and even decades ago, much of the world’s heritage remains under threat from the illicit trade in cultural property, a risk that has only increased with the COVID-19 pandemic and recession. This list highlights particularly infamous cases, which were selected in consultation with leading experts, drawing from the countless items that have disappeared into the black market. The list will be updated on a regular basis to highlight other missing antiquities. The Antiquities Coalition encourages its followers to submit recommendations for other important missing artifacts.

If you have information, please contact the Antiquities Coalition or reach out directly to:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation 


Homeland Security Investigations 


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